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“Bracknall” is a bold & energetic comedy with one man at the centre. Ill adjusted to the modern world and burdened by a mid-life crisis, Steve Bracknall finds purpose as the assistant manager of a ramshackle pub football team.

Starring Chris McClure & Faye McKeever

Directed by Beth Rowland

Written by Chris McClure

Produced by Lewis Coates

Funded by BFI, Film Hub North, Screen Yorkshire & SIGN.

DOP: Nathan Walton

Camera: Dave Galloway, Pawel Warchol

Editor: Matt Exton

Sound: Jake Mckenzie-Hayes

Production Design: Olivia Rowland

Gaffer: Jordan Caroll

Production Assistant: Shaun Stone-Riley

Exec Producers: Amy O'Hara & Roxy McKenna

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