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Developed as part of Screen Yorkshire's Talent Development Programme, 'FLEX'.

Directed by Dan Thorburn

Written by Emma Nuttall & Paul Blinkhorn

Produced by Lewis Coates

Following the death of her mother, astrophysicist Vanessa throws

herself into her research, but when her father's health deteriorates

too, she's called back home. One night, a celestial storm flashes

overhead and the next morning, daylight never comes. A growing

hysteria builds within the community as the ominous darkness

descends upon her once idyllic hometown, but ten miles down the

road, life remains normal.

As Vanessa and the local scientists battle to understand this scientific

anomaly against the rising power struggle from government officials to control the situation, she realises she must do everything within her power to stop the unnatural threat facing her community and rebuild her family.

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