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Vestige - Filming complete on our BFI Short Film!

In late 2021, we were awarded funds from the British Film Institute's Short Film Grant to produce a sci-fi short film 'Vestige'. Directed by Joseph Simmons & written by Gudni Lindal Benediktsson and Joeseph Simmons, the film explores the tale of a young fossil hunter who finds an alien fossil on a Northern English beach and thinks it could be the missing puzzle piece to the disapperance of his father.

We filmed over 5 days in Halifax, West Yorkshire and Blackhall Rocks, County Durham in some beautiful locations that gave our film a haunting and isolated tone. We worked with two incredible actors, Ben Hackett and Steve Evets, who really got into the characters and uncovered extra layers to the script.

The crew were incredible and with some logistically and physically difficult locations to work in, they gave it their all and we have made something truly special.

Photos by Veronica Skoglund.



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