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Leo undergoes a modern form of therapy that allows patients to visually recall their memories in order to overcome underlying trauma. As his therapist guides him through forgotten moments from his past, Leo begins to question whether the process can be trusted.

Released worldwide digitally with Gunpowder & Sky's 'DUST' in April 2020.

Starring Nico Mirallegro, Nathalie Cox, Mariah Louca, Rosie Gray

Written & Directed by Lewis Coates



1st AD: 

2nd AC: 


Additional Composer:

Kit Hire: 


Sam Travis

Cristian Majer

Ana Garcia Rico

Dan Christophersen

David Housden

Hugh Major

Indie Film Hire


Production Co-ordinator: 


Exec Producer:

George Popescu

Lewis Coates

Nick Stone

Julie Colman

Grant Black

The Felix Mater Society

                                                    Won Best UK Short at Nottingham Film Festival 2019

                                                    Won Best Director at Cell Adore Film Festival 2019

                                                    Screened at Prague International Film Festival

                                                    Screened at Bolton Independent Film Festival

                                                    Screened at Sheffield Short Film Festival


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