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Round My Way is an uplifting and authentic spoken word drama about a paper girl on her daily route and the vibrant personalities she meets on her way. It boasts warmth, strength and diversity that is the beating heart of Bradford.

Directed by Keeley Lane

Written by Kat Rose-Martin

Produced by Lewis Coates

Starring Ruby-May Martinwood, Nohail Mohammed, Jim Findley, Kat Rose-Martin & Ruth Evans

DOP: Mark Stokes • 1st AC: Adam Lyons • 2nd AC: Tom Diffenthal • Sound: Steve Grealey • Costume: Rebecca Chubsey • Runner: Richard Galloway • Editor: Lewis Coates • Sound Design: Marcus Anuzis • Score: Christella Litras •

Thanks to Bradford Council, Bradford UNESCO City of Film & Bradford 2025

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