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A love at first sight tale between Kass – a British- Bangladeshi Cambridge graduate from BD3 - who magically meets Dorian – a closeted middle-class witch who lives in Ilkley with his Nana Agnes, who is trying to turn him straight to continue her sinister bloodline.


What happens when two souls from two different worlds collide in Bradford? Will Nana be able to disrupt their future? Is their love true or is Dorian’s powers manipulating Kass?

Starring Bruce Herbelin-Earle, Akshay Shah, Wendy Patterson & Bhavna Limbachia

Directed by Gage Oxley

Written by Kamal Kaan

Produced by Lewis Coates

Funded by Channel 4 & Bradford Council

DOP: Chaimaa Ormazabel

1st AC: Ben McFarlane

2nd AC: Beanie Baker

Gaffer: Jordan Carroll

Spark: Louis Jones

Sound: Waqar Shah

Production Design: Prop it! Hannah Wilson & Jessica Jones

Costume: Olivia Sykes

Hair & Make Up: Rosie Toas

1st AD: Louisa Rose Mackleston

3rd AD: Shezida Iqbal

Script Supervisor: Jessica Redhead

Intimacy Coordinator: Eleanor Hodson

Editor, Sound Mix & Grade: Michael Houghton

Soundtrack: Alice Mills

Assistant Producer: Meera Mistry

Associate Producer: Kamal Kaan

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