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A young boy searches for answers after his dad goes missing at sea, but after discovering a strange fossil on a Yorkshire beach, he thinks it could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Directed by Joseph Simmons

Written by Joseph Simmons & Guðni Líndal Benediktsson

Produced by Lewis Coates

Starring Ben Hackett, Steve Evets, Corin Silva

DOP: Ben Halford

Edited by Andrew Mckee

Original Score: Owain Kelly & James Williams

1st AC: Abi McVeigh, Max Graham

2nd AC: Amos Menin

Lighting: Harry Newman, Sam Brayshaw,

Lewis Hanlon, James Fortune
Sound: Andrew Layfield, Alexis Psillas

Camera Trainee: Oliver Greenwood

1st AD: Kurt Ryan

Production Designer: Francesca Jones

Costume: Rebecca Chubsey, Poppy Monroe

HMU: Jenna Shaw, Danielle Wright


Production Assistants: Amaan Rashid, Gabriel Brown,

Hannah Pearson


Sound Design: Massimilliano Borghesi

Vestige - Poster2.jpg

Funded by the British Film Institute, with supporting funds from The Yorkshire Geology Society, The Friends of Hugh Miller, The Geologists Association, Geology Society of Glasgow

Premiered at Frightfest 2023

Official selection at Bolton International Film Festival, Beyond Fest, Reykjavik Film Festival, North East Film Festival, Sunderland Shorts, FilmQuest, Atlanta Horror Film Festival & more!

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