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When Voices Unite is a tense study on internet activism and social media, as we watch a social activist begin a live video feed and discover a dark secret.

Released worldwide digitally with Channel4's 'Random Acts' in 2018.

Festivals: Nominated for Best New Filmmaker at IMDb's 2019 Awards ; Won Best Screenplay at Largo Film Awards 2017

Official Selection: Shuffle Film Festival 2018, Cinemagic 2017, The Shortest Nights 2018, Shorts on Tap 2018, London Lift Off 2017, Manchester Lift Off 2018, Showroom Shorts 2019, Midlands Movie Awards 2018

Starring Lara Goodison

Written & Directed by Lewis Coates

DOP: Dan Haworth-Salter

Sound: Eleanor Smart

Producer: Julie Colman, Grant Black, Helen Jenks

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